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In 1978, Greg Garofalo & Mark Stockwell were delivering peeled potatoes in a 1967 Cadillac to a mental health facility in Rome, New York. They both had just quit their jobs with Lake George Wholesale Produce and their futures looked dismal.

They had a motto, " If your scared buy a dog"

They never did buy a dog, but Greg's Father Frank bought the old Armour Meat Packing Warehouse on Maple Street in Glens Falls, New York. They moved into the building in September of 1978 and from scratch, built the Glens Falls Produce company from the ground, up. Mark and Greg realized that a one-dimensional food distributorship would soon become obsolete, so they slowly introduced the best Beef, Chicken and Pork to their fresh fruit and vegetable line. During the 1980's, they added a full line of processed foods, such as Hot Dogs, Cheese, Bacon and Deli items. By the early 1990's, they completed the circle by adding full lines of Frozen & Canned Foods, as well as a full assortment of spices.

In 2003, a fire gutted the building. Thanks to Greg's old friend, Ben Aronson, they were able to continue to operate the business by using Ben's warehouse in Hudson Falls, New York and within one year, their building on Maple Street was transformed into a state of the art facility.

Glens Falls Produce carries over three-thousand food service and retail products. They distribute to restaurants, institutions and stores. They still operate with a "Mom and Pop" mentality, but offer full service six days a week with NO MINIMUMS and pride themselves with loyalty towards their customers at the absolute MAXIMUM.

Glens Falls Produce is proud that they are now in their thirty-first year of service as a locally owned Food Distributorship. They are still going strong!

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